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Anticorrosion Measures of Oil Casing

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1, the first to do a good job of water quality standards, strict water quality testing and management. To implement the clean and dirty water injection, to strengthen the main water pipeline cleaning work, so that the station, water quality standards, reduce the introduction of the corrosion source ring space;

2, the new water injection wells have been put into operation, to take the main injection and sterilization of the ring air protection liquid, and the formation of the system, a regular investment plus;

3, in view of the mechanical abrasion of oil casing corrosion acceleration effect, it is recommended in tubing hoop with a rubber ring or add a centralizer in the severe deviation location, to avoid in the operation process and the process of water injection tubing scrape injury casing and contacts to one side of the casing;

4, according to the scale of bacteria corrosion and high temperature SRB growth slow and kill the situation, can be regularly to the annular space of 100 degrees Celsius water or water vapor to kill SRB;

5, the corrosion of the injection well casing is not effectively controlled, and is not recommended to promote the use of cathodic protection and coating casing.

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