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China Petroleum and Iron Pipe Line Pipeline Renovation Project Across the Board

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August 18, 19, China Petroleum iron Fu line pipeline renovation project final weld in Fushun City Shuncheng District Hui Yuan Xiang Jin Hua Cun completed successfully. At this point, the line of iron and reconstruction projects across the line, the Northeast oil pipeline from this into a new development stage.

The starting point for the construction of the railway line reconstruction project is the Tieling oil station, the destination is the Fushun oil transportation station. Line length of 46.1 km, design pressure of 4 MPa, the design annual output of 11500000 tons, the main transport medium for the Daqing crude oil and Jilin crude oil. Pipeline route along the way after Tieling City Economic Development Zone, Tieling Li Qian Hu Zhen, Tieling Heng Dao He Zi Zhen and Fushun City Shuncheng District Hui Yuan Xiang, along the main landform is low mountains, hills and undulating terrain in larger gradient of the larger, the local mountain area. The new pipeline is about 25 km and the old iron is laid in parallel, and the parallel distance of local area is small, and there are 27 crossing. After the completion of the new railway line will completely replace the old line.

According to the engineering project manager Zhu Huigang introduced, the old Tieda line put into operation in 1971, has been in operation for 44 years. 2010, the pipeline company to Tieling - Fushun section of the line to carry out three axis HD leakage magnetic detection and evaluation. Through the detection, a total of 3.8 defects found in the section, about 66% pipe section in the presence of metal loss.

To ensure the Fushun Petrochemical 10 million tons refinery, millions of tons of ethylene "integration project of crude oil supply, Tieling first stop - Fushun pipeline stations and station on the floor of the part of the equipment and pipeline need to reform as soon as possible. Tieda line reconstruction project by "+PC + owners supervision" mode of management in June 13, 2014, sparking open welding. In order to ensure the quality of the project, project of the Ministry of all the officers and men of war to overcome construction in winter low temperature, pipe ditch big ups and downs height, the association of huge difficulty, ensure the sweeping lines, piping, welding, excavation, ditch, cable laying and backfilling work 100% meet the requirements.

Ask the iron line and after put into production of Qing iron three or four lines connected with the will complete the transformation of iron, iron such as Kam crude oil pipeline to achieve interoperability, marks China's "Laoba three pipeline comprehensive upgrade.

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