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Application of Oil Casing

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Oil casing pipe is a kind of large diameter pipe, which plays a role in the oil and gas well wall or well bore. Casing is inserted into the hole, with cement, to prevent the borehole to separate the rock and borehole collapse, and to ensure that the drilling mud circulation, in order to facilitate drilling.

Oil casing steel grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, Q125, V150, etc.. The end of the casing processing forms: short round thread, long thread, buttress thread, special buckle etc.. The oil well drilling is mainly used in the drilling process and the support of the shaft lining, in order to ensure the completion of the drilling process and the normal operation of the oil well.

Important position of petroleum pipe

Oil industry is a large number of industrial use of oil pipe, oil pipe in the oil industry, a very important position:

1 oil is effective in large quantities, spending more, saving expenses, reducing the cost of great potential. The consumption of oil well pipe can be calculated according to the amount of drilling per year. According to the specific situation of our country, in general, every drilling 1m need to oil well pipe 62kg, in which the casing 48kg, tubing 10kg. 3kg drill pipe, drill collar 0.5kg;

2 the mechanical and environmental behavior of the petroleum pipe has an important influence on the use of advanced technology and increasing production efficiency;

3 the failure of the oil pipe is huge, the safety and reliability of the oil pipe and the life of the oil are important to the petroleum industry.

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