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In 2014, China's Gas Pipeline Design Coefficient to Reach the World Advanced Level

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In 2014, the research results of the industrial application of the design coefficient of gas transmission pipeline increase the strength of the design coefficient, the identification report pointed out: the results of the overall reached the international advanced level. This marks China's pipeline construction technology to achieve a historic leap, and walk in the forefront of the world pipeline construction technology. Improving the design coefficient of pipeline strength is in the same material and pipe diameter condition, in the premise that the gas pressure is constant, can reduce the wall thickness, saving pipe. At the same time, in the case of the wall thickness of the pipe, the full use of pipe potential, increase the gas pressure and thus increase the gas output. Over the past 10 years, the rapid development of China's natural gas pipeline technology. Especially the west east gas transmission the successful construction of the pipeline project, make China's long-distance pipeline construction level in a leading position in the world. In the high steel grade large diameter long distance pipeline construction field by the pursuers to leader. At the same time, China's pipeline steel metallurgy and pipe technology, pipeline construction technology and pipeline operation management technology has reached the international advanced level, for our country to carry out the research work of improving the strength design factor. In order to further reflect the design concept of high efficiency and energy saving, we lay the foundation for the subsequent large-scale pipeline engineering construction in China.

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